Spring Tune-Up /Activation

Sprinkler System Tune Up

Why not maximize your sprinkler system’s efficiency with a Tune-up from Aquasense. Like any mechanical device, sprinkler systems require maintenance to perform their best. After a year of use a majority of sprinkler systems have issues. Heads are either broken, leaning, out of adjustment or clogged; additionally pipes or valves may have sprung leaks. Do your part to conserve water with a Tune-up and maximize your system’s efficiency. In addition to mechanical repairs; landscape foliage as it matures can block sprinkler coverage requiring heads to be raised or moved. Our Sprinkler System Tune Up is designed so when dry weather hits, our customers simply switch their controllers from Off to Run and their system is ready to go! What we can get done in about an hour usually takes the average homeowner half a day, including several trips to Home Depot. Our service is perfect for the busy professional person that knows the working of their system but, whose time is spent more effectively at something else. 

Our Sprinkler Tune-Up service includes the following:

  1. Turn the water back on to the system. Check the system for leaks using the leak detector on your water meter.
  2. Adjust arcs, radiuses and positions of sprinkler heads to direct water to intended targets.
  3. Un-clog or replace spray nozzles if required.
  4. Fix breaks in sprinkler lines and replace broken heads if required.
  5. Check functionality of rain sensor, and replace battery on wireless sensor if required.
  6. Diagnose and repair minor electrical problems. If required, send an advanced electrical tech out for 2nd appointment.
  7. Install a new 9-volt battery in your controller if needed (we test with a voltage meter). In the case of a power outage, the battery saves the watering program in electronic controllers with volatile memory and the time and date in all other controllers.