Water Service Line Leaks

Water Service Line Leaks

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Leak Detection:   Locating & repairing non-surfacing leaks in water service lines and sprinkler systems is one of our specialties. Using acoustical leak detection equipment we are able to pinpoint leaks. We can also repair leaks once we have found them.

Water Service Line Leaks: Using our leak detection method we’re able to locate leaks in water service lines made from the following pipe materials:  Galvanized – Copper – Poly – PVC and PEX.  Depending on when your home was built usually determines what your service line is constructed from.  Most homes built between 1970 and 2000 were constructed with poly service lines.  Poly pipe comes in several thicknesses 200 being the recommended thickness for water service lines. Poly service lines are the easiest to repair.  Prior to 1970 most homes were built using galvanized pipe.  Depending on the condition we sometimes recommend replacing them rather than repairing them.  See our page on Service line replacements.

Choosing a contractor to find and repair leaks: When choosing a leak repair contractor, make sure they actually repair leaks.  This may seem like a no-brainer but what we have found is that there are 3 types of contractors in this industry.  #1 Some contractors will respond to your request that don’t actually find leaks.  When they arrive, instead of searching for the leak they will immediately tell you that your line is too old and it simply needs replacement. We responded to leak job recently and found that the poly water line had become partially detached at the copper foundation stub.  The fix took us roughly 3 man hours of labor; another company prior to us had recommended full replacement for a cost of over $5000.00. #2 The second type of leak contractor only finds leaks.  This contractor comes out for set fee – usually around $400.00 and will find 1 leak but does not do repairs.  You will then have to contract a separate company to make the repair. If turns out there is more than one leak in your service line you will be required to pay for 2nd appointment and a 2nd repair.  #3 The last type of leak contractor is what we do.  We actually search for your leak and repair it assuming the line is worth repairing.  We bill hourly with $75.00 equipment fee.


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