Convert Your Existing Lighting System to LED in about 1 hour: 

Par36 LEDAre you tired of constantly replacing bulbs in your lighting system?  We now have available LED replacement bulbs that work with almost any existing low voltage light fixture. These new generation bulbs have the look of halogen but use 80% less power and many have a 5 year warranty. They also have a much wider operating voltage range of 8 to 15 volts instead of 10 to 11.5 volts which makes them great for solving issues related to inadequate wiring and under sized transformers.  The price of LED bulbs has dropped in the last few years and it now makes economic sense to upgrade.  When you factor in an 80% reduction in power and a huge reduction in bulb changing labor it makes total sense to upgrade.  Bulb cost varies but most are in the $20.00 to $30.00 range and dropping. Most residential systems can be converted to LED in about 1 hour. T3 LED