Spring Tune-Up /Activation

Spring Activation – Basic Functionality Tune-up  

Our Spring Tune-up and Activation service focuses on basic system functionality whereas our Late Season Tune-up service focuses on fine tuning water distribution and resolving coverage issues. On average we can activate 5 zones per hour so a 10 zone system on average takes 2 hours but can vary widely if major issues exist.  Our spring activation service is designed to quickly get your system fully functional for the coming watering season – the service includes #1 Confirm the system main line is holding tight with no leaks. #2 check that all zones are firing and identify electrical issues if any.   #3 Confirm proper operating pressure for lateral zones;  This is accomplished by repairing lateral line breaks, broken sprinkler heads and evaluating sprinkler head counts and nozzle types. #4 confirming the rain sensor is properly working and replacing batteries if needed. #5 Checking the programming for excessive start or run times. Typically on non-volatile memory controllers we leave the programming as is unless we see something that is completely wrong or the customer requests we change the programming. Our “Deluxe Tune-up” service takes this portion of the tune-up to the next level. Run times generated from our “deluxe tune-up” (See Deluxe Tune-Up) service focuses on water conservation and generated run times are suitable as base run times for smart controllers & WiFi controllers. #6 Replace 9 volt back-up battery on the controller if needed.  #7 Confirm all needed sprinklers are spraying and adjusted properly. Some sprinkler heads may be shut off that are either watering nothing or watering established plant material like ivy that does not need water.  If the primary goal of your tune-up is to improve water distribution and resolve coverage issues we recommend our Late Season Tune-up which focuses more intensely on coverage improvements. (See Late Season Tune-up).

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