Backflow Assembly Testing Special: 

950XLT2Recently your Water District may have requested that you have your backflow assembly in your landscape sprinkler system tested.  We specialize in landscape sprinkler repair and backflow testing and consequently we stock most of the common replacement parts in all of our trucks. To qualify, the assembly must be a 1” state approved double check valve located outside. About 90% of residential systems meet these requirements. The service includes testing the unit, repairing the unit if necessary, retesting the unit if necessary, sending a copy of the results to your water district, and sending you a copy of the results with your bill. Parts are an additional cost if required but labor is free as long as assembly excavation is not required.  Because of the poor design, we may at our discretion exclude the Watts 775 from our test special. To sign up, simply call us with your name, address and phone number and you’re done.  Most backflow assemblies are located outside next to your water meter so an appointment is usually not necessary since we don’t need to meet you. If we’re unable to answer, we’ll call you back with a scheduled date which will usually be within the week. Below are our backflow testing prices. For groups of more than 11 we require a person to coordinate the group. The coordinator needs to supply us with the name, address and phone number of each participant; these lists can be either e-mailed or faxed to us. The coordinator is subject to further discounts. For assemblies located where owner access is required add $5.00 to the testing cost unless you have more than 1 assembly.

Test 1 unit existing            $49.95       1” DCV Landscape sprinkler located outside

Test 2-10 units                    $39.95*      *assuming units are in same neighborhood 

Test 11+                             $32.50*      *call for details on rules for group rates > 11

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