Water Feature Pump Replacements:

PumpCoverWhen replacing water feature pumps several factors need to be considered when choosing a pump to maximize the life of the pump.

1.  Obviously flow is the main consideration. In order to keep the pond water oxygenated enough to support fish it is recommended that flow be at least twice the total gallons of the pond per hour. We recommend this flow rate for all ponds as it tends to keep the ponds ecosystem in better balance which naturally reduces algae growth.

2.  One factor that can limit flow beyond the pumps capacity is the water features supply piping size.  If the supply piping is under sized then installing too large of a pump will shorten pump life.  Basically the pump motor works harder than needed trying to push more water through the pipe then the pipe will allow.  This can be corrected by either increasing the size of the current supply pipe or by simple adding a 2nd supply line.

3.  Water Falls: If your water feature has a water fall this is the last factor to consider. It is recommended for every foot width of a water fall that the pump be able to deliver between 1200 to 2400 gallons of water per hour. Again this could be restricted by the size of the supply piping.