Why choose Aquasense for your Sprinkler Installation?

Service: Our primary business is service; we run one of the largest most dependable sprinkler service companies in the greater Seattle area.  While it is unlikely you will have an issue with your new system, if you do it comes with the backing of best sprinkler service department in the Puget Sound. During the recent recession Aquasense actual grew in size every year, in contrast a majority of sprinkler installation only companies disappeared.  Speaking of disappearing, if you choose the wrong installer your warranty may end up disappearing too. pgpunderground

Quality Water Efficient System Components:  With over 15 years of experience repairing other installers systems we have learned what works and what doesn’t. At Aquasense we only use quality water efficient components in our systems.

  •  Sprinkler Spray Head Bodies & Nozzles:  Rain Bird 1800 Series
  • Sprinkler Rotor Heads:  Rain Bird 5000 series & Hunter PGP
  • Valves: Rain Bird DVF
  • Backflow Assemblies & Pressure Reduction Valves:   Wilkins 950 XLT
  • Standard & Smart Controllers: Hunter Pro-C Hydrawise – Rain Bird ESP ME –  Weathermatic SL-1600 – Rachio
  • Rain Sensors:  Irritrol
  • Flow Sensors:  Hunter HC flow meter
  • Conservation nozzles:  MP Rotators, Toro Precision

In line Drip pipe: NetafimSmartline2

You may have noticed that we don’t just use one manufacture for all our components. Despite manufactures cash incentives to do just this, we instead choose what we think is the best component available on the market and go with it. The sprinkler heads and nozzles that we use for your system will be determined by the radius of your zones.

The Point of Connection: to your water service in most cases is made outside the house at your water meter. This allows for maximum water flow and pressure, which enables us to cover your landscape with the least number of zones reducing the overall cost of the system. Your point of connections is made with quality fittings; we work with all the standard pipe material including copper, poly, galvanized, PEX and brass. All main line connections are made with matching metal fittings, for PEX and poly pipe service lines we only use quality brass fittings. SprinklerHead

Hunter I-20SS

The piping of our systems is a combination of poly & schedule 40 PVC.  Lesser quality installer’s use class 200 PVC which shatters like an egg shell when hit with a shovel. Schedule 40 PVC on the other hand can withstand being run over by a car on pavement and not break. Poly pipe is a flexible pipe that if hit with a shovel usually dents and then bounces back to its original shape, it won’t shatter. Poly pipe is the material that a majority of residential water service lines are constructed with. For poly pipe we use a machine that stitches pipe into the ground. The machine maneuvers through tight residential landscapes and will lay pipe easily under lawns, flowerbeds or gravel areas with minimal surface damage. The efficiency of this machine allows us to provide the highest quality systems at competitive prices.

New Sprinkler Systems: Newly installed sprinkler systems come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty from the date of installation. The warranty is contingent upon the system being properly winterized by Aquasense.  If a warranty issue arises in the last 2 years of the warranty period and the system has not been serviced by Aquasense in that year, a 1 hour minimum service fee will be charged. After the 1st hour is billed, the remaining parts and labor will be covered under the warranty. We highly recommend annual system sprinkler tune-ups so that systems can be fine-tuned after the installation.  The best time to fine tune the system is in late summer after a period of no rain.  System deficiencies if any are easily spotted after several weeks of no rain fall.  All nozzle replacements used for fine tuning a newly installed system are free during the warranty period.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by storms, earth quakes or negligence to the system. 1804 lawn