Pipe & Wire Locating

WireLocatorFree Public Utility Locating: Before digging it is very important that you have your utilities located. Prior to machine digging or leak location we use the one call service to have utilities located. It is a free service where you make one call and they contact all the utilities in the area you’re digging. The one call people claim this will be done within 48 hours not including the day of the call, the reality is that it often takes longer so try to give them a week to be safe.

1-800-424-5555 Open 24 hours a day.

Private Utility & Pipe Locating: While the free service is a great deal, especially the price, they don’t locate private utilities on your property. Examples of private utilities include sprinkler valve wiring, landscape lighting, pump or well wiring, doggie fence systems septic systems etc.  Each of our service vehicles carries locating equipment designed to locate the wires of these systems so they are not damaged when we are working on your property.  In addition to private electrical systems we can also trace pipe, including copper and galvanized as well as some plastic pipes including poly and PEX. 

Locating Missing Sprinkler Valves: Finding lost sprinkler valves can sometimes be difficult, especially when beauty bark is used to cover flower beds. When bark is applied it often covers sprinkler valve boxes several inches deep. This only becomes a problem when a valve fails to work or worse yet fails to shut off.  When this day comes Aquasense can help with state of the art valve locating equipment. A majority of missing valves can be found in about 1 hour. An additional fee is billed for use of our valve locator.