Power Conserving Smart Lighting Timers: In addition to the tune-up we can also upgrade old school mechanical timers and photocells with power conserving smart timers in just a few minutes. These great little timers eliminate the use of conventional photocells and mechanical timer from a lighting system by using sunrise – sunset calculations. The timer not only automatically adjusts the on/off times every day of the year; it also automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and can be set to turn off at midnight or any other specified time.  Additionally they have nonvolatile memory and a battery backup that resets the time in the event of a power failure.  

IntermaticIn contrast, mechanical timers always need to be re-set after a power failure. They are also especially useful for transformers that are mounted in dark locations.  The timer eliminates wasted power on dark winter days when photocells are not sensitive enough to shut lighting systems off. These timers are basically designed to be programmed once, and then forgotten.  This upgrade can now be done on 95% of all lighting systems. Using smart timers in conjunction with new LED bulbs we can cut power usage by up 90%.