Installations & Replacements

Installation & Replacements

Backflow – New Installation and Replacements:  As a licensed general contractor Aquasense is qualified to legally install new backflow assemblies or replace existing assemblies that are located outdoors.  All of our crew leads are backflow certified which means all new installations and replacements are tested immediately and results can be emailed to water purveyors within 24 hours.  Our specialty is landscape assemblies.  The knowledge we’ve gained from preforming more then 60,000 tests over the last 20 years means we’ll choose the best assembly for your sprinkler system.  For residential landscape systems we prefer to use either the Wilkins 950 XLT.  The 950 XLT has a lower than average failure rate and replacement parts are affordable and easily replaced without removing the assembly from the ground.  Call or email for quote.