Rain Sensors

Rain Sensors:  All sprinkler systems that use a controller to run automatically should have a rain sensor. A rain sensor is a small device that clips to your rain gutter in a location where it is exposed to weather.  The sensor contains a small absorbent element that expands when wetted with rain water.  As the sensor expands it eventually trips a switch that sends a signal back to your controller that cuts power to the zone valves.  The controller remains disabled until the sensor adequately dries. The amount of rainfall it takes to trip the switch is adjustable. Depending on the amount of rain fall during the watering season, rain sensors usually pay for themselves within 2 years.  They can also save you the embarrassment of watering your yard during a complete downpour and wasting a resource that at times is scarce.                      

Wireless Rain Sensors: Your internet access is wireless so why not your rain sensor?  Wireless rain sensors combine hard wired technology with wireless convenience.  Installation time is slashed from 2 hours to 30 minutes or less and the receiver portion that wires to almost any existing controller has a lighted display.  Unlike the old hard wired sensors which don’t have a display, wireless models indicate if the sensor has suspended watering due to adequate rain fall, taking the mystery out of its functionality