Warranty Policy for New & Existing Systems:

Warranty for Newly installed Sprinkler Systems come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty from the date of installation. The warranty is contingent upon the system being properly winterized by Aquasense. We highly recommend annual system sprinkler tune-ups so that system can be fine-tuned after the installation.  The best time to fine tune the system is in late summer after a period of no rain.  System deficiencies if any are easily spotted after several weeks of no rain fall.  All nozzle replacements used for fine tuning a newly installed system are free during the warranty period. If a warranty issue arises in any of the 3 years of the warranty period and the system has not been serviced in that year, a 1 hour minimum service fee will be charged.  After the 1st hour is billed, the remaining parts and labor will be covered under the warranty.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by storms, earth quakes or negligence to the system.

Warranty Policy Spring Sprinkler Tune-ups & Repairs (Systems we did not install & systems we did install >3 years old):   We warranty all simple tune-up repairs such as sprinkler head replacements or lateral line pipe breaks for a period of one year from the repair. The reason we do not warranty these items longer is because it is very difficult to positively identify sprinkler heads or buried pipe after 1 year. Major components like pressurized main line repairs, sprinkler controllers, rain sensors, backflow assemblies, pressure reducing valves, master valves, and zone valves come with a 2-to-3-year warranty (depending on the manufacture). Warranty is contingent on proper winterization by Aquasense.  We do not warranty the condition of any component we have not replaced after a Tune-up or repair visit.  This includes existing valves that could become stuck open after a maintenance visit for a variety of reasons that are out of our control. In other words we can’t warranty the condition of zone valves simply because we operated your system once. Additionally we do not warranty any pipe breaks or broken sprinkler heads that we did not work on.  While we do our best to locate & fix all lateral line breaks during a tune-up, sometimes this is made difficult for a variety of reasons including if it has rained hard recently or is raining at the time of the appointment.  We also do not warranty locating buried sprinkler heads or repairing clogged pipes.  We do our best to find heads buried under lawns or in dense shrubs on the initial tune-up but if it’s not our installation there may be heads that we simply don’t know that exist.  If the initial appointment was not scheduled as a tune-up but instead a repair – we only warranty the repair at hand since on repairs we do not inspect the entire system.

Discounted follow up Repair Rates for Tune-up Customers:  With that said we do want to provide our tune-up customers with a fast and cost-effective repair for items that we either missed or if we ran short of time on the original appointment.  For Tune-Up customers we prioritize incomplete repairs on our “ER routes” and try to accommodate them within 7 days of the original appointment (you won’t need to wait multiple weeks).  If the issue is simply additional repair work then we bill at a continuation of labor in 5 minute increments with a 15 minute minimum (no 1st hour charge).  For small repairs we bill at a continuation of labor for 1 man only.  We only bill for 2 men if there is enough work to keep both crew members busy.  For our best customers who have their systems serviced every Spring by Aquasense we offer billing at continuation of labor for simple sprinkler head repairs that happen later in the season.  The point is we don’t want to charge our loyal customers with a 1st hour billing minimum charge for a 10-minute sprinkler head repair if they have their system serviced annual with us. These repairs need to be made on days we are in the same area.

Warranty on Drip Systems (Systems we did not install): Because of several factors we are unable to warranty any drip emitters we did not install. Problems with Drip systems:  #1 Filtration – proper filtration needs to be installed on each drip zone – filtration is normally installed downstream of the zone valve but not always so locating the filters if they exist could be very time consuming especially if the valves are buried under bark somewhere in the yard.  #2 Pressure – Without proper pressure reduction 1/4” inch tubing can easily become disconnected – again pressure reduction is normally installed at the valve which again could very time consuming to find not to mention confirm it is working and adjusted properly.  #3 Delicate – Drip systems constructed of ¼” drip tubing are very delicate and even if pressure is adjusted properly, emitters are easily disconnected by landscape maintenance workers, dogs and children.  #4 Emitters:  Some brands of emitters are very touchy and need constant babysitting to keep them working properly.

Samples of Full Warranty Sprinkler Tune-up Items: #1 We installed a new product and either the product we installed does not work or something as a result of the installation does not work. #2 We repaired a pipe break and the repair did not hold or is leaking. #3 Adjusting sprinkler head arcs on rotor type heads that are clearly not adjusted properly and are not defective.  Examples – heads spraying > 2 feet onto a straight driveway, sidewalk or street or heads spraying on a house or building. #4 Clogged nozzles – This does not include clogs that are prior to the sprinkler head in the supply piping.

Coverage Issues on Systems we did not install & systems we did install > 3 years old:   Our Spring Tune-up in contrast to our Late Season Tune-Up is designed to get the system activated quickly and efficiently and the focus is primarily the functionality of all the components and assuring the system is not leaking.  Because landscapes plantings are in a constant state of change, coverage that may have been good the previous year or even in early spring the current year could become obscured or completely blocked as plant material grows. Consequently there is no way for us to warranty that heads will not become blocked by plants as they grow. Our Late Season Tune-up is specifically designed to address coverage issues in the landscape and can most efficiently be completed in the late summer after an extended period without rain fall and when perennials and other plant growth has fully matured.  In contrast to the spring months when everything is green and healthy and perennials have yet to emerge, late summer dry spots become visually apparent – especially in turf areas.  In late summer we can quickly and efficiently replace nozzles or add or move heads where needed simply by observing the health of the plant material. In the spring months it is less efficient to resolve coverage issues since the effect of other factors like poor soil conditions and sun exposure won’t be visible until later in the season.   For more info on late season tune-up see the sprinkler services section.

New Lighting Installation Warranty: Newly installed lighting systems come with a 3 year warranty parts and labor if professional grade shrink wrap connectors are used on all wire splices. The warranty on lighting fixtures and transformer varies by manufacture – the minimum is 3 years on fixtures and most transformers are warrantied for a minimum of 10 years. Unless otherwise specified LED light bulbs come with a 2 to 4 year warranty for newly installed systems. The warranty includes replacement labor for the first 2 years.  After the 2nd year replacement labor is not covered and replacements need to be scheduled during other service appointments such as lighting or sprinkler tune-ups, backflow testing, water feature maintenance or sprinkler winterizing. If this does not work we can drop bulbs off at your door step.

Lighting System Tune-ups – Bulb Warranty:  Halogen bulbs: Unless we replace all halogen bulbs during a lighting tune-up we do not warranty halogen bulbs.  If all halogen bulbs are replaced during a lighting tune-up, the bulbs will be warranted for period of 6 months assuming a smart lighting timer has been installed and a deluxe lighting tune-up has been completed.  LED replacement bulbs: unless otherwise specified come with a 2 to 4 year warranty. The warranty includes replacement labor for the 1st year.  After the 1st year replacement labor is not covered and replacements need to be scheduled during other service appointments such as lighting or sprinkler tune-ups, backflow testing, water feature maintenance or sprinkler winterizing. If this does not work we can drop bulbs off at your door step.

Water Feature Pump Replacements:  Warranties only apply if your pond has adequate filtration and either a functioning low water shut off switch or a properly installed and functioning auto refill float valve.  We consider filtration adequate when the pump is housed separate from the pond in what is called a skimmer box.  If the pump is just lying on the bottom of the pond it is highly vulnerable to clogging and therefore we cannot warranty it. For this type of installation we recommend cleaning the pond a minimum of twice a year.  Additionally we can’t warranty a pump if your pond runs dry – consequently if the pump has no functioning low water shut off switch or a functioning auto refill float valve then the warranty is also void. For most ponds we can add a low water shut off switch but some configurations will not allow this without major re-plumbing work which may not be possible.  Pumps without low water shut off switches must have adequately functioning auto refill float valves.  We consider auto refill float valves to be adequate under 2 conditions.  #1 They must have a constant water source. This water source is usually supplied from the sprinkler system main line.  #2 They must be permanently secured in the pond so that the water level can be controlled.   Additionally we recommend but not require the auto refill float valve water source be controlled by a dedicated electric valve wired to your sprinkler system.   This type of configuration prevents the auto refill  float valve from sticking open like a giant toilet and running continuously when debris wedges it partially open  avoiding  a $1000.00 + water bill.  We recommend running the auto refill valve zone on separate program on your sprinkler controller from your landscaping.  As an example we would program zone 10 as your water feature on program D on your sprinkler controller to run daily a little more than the needed time to refill the pond.  Assuming the auto refill float valve is working properly (not clogged and secured) it will stop filling the pond at the set level.  Install a Wi-Fi based sprinkler controller and now you can turn this valve on and from your smart phone.

Note: If you use your water feature in the winter, your water feature auto refill is supplied from your sprinkler system, and you winterize your sprinkler system you must have a low water shut off installed to be eligible for a pump warranty since no water will be available to the auto-refill after winterization.

DUMP FEES: This proposal does not include removal of excess soil, rock, roots or branches caused by the installation of sprinklers water lines, landscape lighting or any other excavation work. The minimum dump fee is $150.00.