Billing Rates:  Aside from backflow testing and winterizing all repair services are billed by the hour per tech (not by the truck).  Repair trucks in Covid days are running a single tech per truck.  In non-covid years we may run either a 1- or 2-person crew and the 1st hour of service is billed at 1 hour with 1 man, or ½ hour with 2 men. The first man hour, (or our minimum charge) varies by service and by the time of Season.  The 1st hour is billed more than subsequent hours.  The additional cost of the 1st hour of service helps cover transportation costs.  If we need to come back because we ran short on time – the additional 1st hour minimum is not billed on the return trip – instead billing is at the lower continued rate and with a 15 minute minimum.  Continued labor is billed hourly per tech at a lower rate per hour then the first hour – the exception is for specialty services which are billed at flat rate.  Billing is timed in 5 minute increments.  Regular season rates run April 9th through May 22nd  and July 23rd – October 15th 2021.  During this time frame the 1st hour of billing for our Sprinkler activation service and tune-ups is $94.95, additional hours are billed at $80.00 p/h per tech.   See more about tiered billing rates below.   Specialty services like leak detection – valve locating – low voltage electrical trouble shooting – indoor backflow repairs – sprinkler pump system maintenance and service line repair are billed at higher hourly rates.

Tiered hourly Rates for Sprinkler Tune-ups for 2021 – date ranges vary year to year.

Lowest Season rate – March 1st – March 18th       Flat rate of $70.00 p/h

Low Season Rate 2nd tier – March 19th – April 8th      1st hour $84.95 – continued rate $75.00 p/h

Regular Season Rate April 9th – May 22nd & July 24th – October 15th 1st hour $94.95 – continued rate $80.00 p/h

High Season Rate May 23rd – July 23rd     1st hour $119.95 – continued rate $100.00 p/h