Pressure Reducing Valves

PRV2Excessive Water Pressure:  When water pressure from the city water supply exceeds 80 PSI a Pressure reducing valve is recommended so that fixtures inside the house don’t accidently spring a leak.  Installing a pressure reducing valve at the water meter can also extend the life of older water service lines. As poly water service lines reach 50 years in age they become more brittle and start to crack from natural expansion and contraction caused by the seasonal fluctuations of water temperatures.  If water pressure exceeds 100 PSI we highly recommend the installation of a PRV to protect the service line. The advantage of installing the PRV at the water meter is it protects the entire water system including the house, the water service line and a sprinkler system if there is one. The PRV is installed in capped sleeve so that it can be accessed and adjusted without excavation.

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