Deluxe Lighting Tune-up (Halogen Systems):  
The goal of the basic lighting tune-up is to get everything working, in contrast the goal of our deluxe lighting tune-up is to fine tune the system to increase bulb life. Halogen bulb life is the greatest when incoming voltage is between 10.5 to 11.5 volts, consequently this is the goal of deluxe lighting tune-up.  This is accomplished by isolating each circuit to calculate the following 1) total wattage draw 2) wire size 3) circuit length 4) Voltage to the 1st fixture.  We start by physically marking each circuit with number tape then removing all voltage wire taps.  We then add one tap back at a time to isolate each circuit.  The goals of this service are: 1) Keep incoming voltage to the 1st fixture at or below 11.5 volts for halogen circuits. Incoming voltage to the 1st fixture can be adjusted at the transformer by wiring the circuit to the proper voltage tap off the transformer.  When voltage exceeds 12 volts, bulb life is severely shortened and as bulbs burn out, voltage spikes higher which kills the remaining bulbs faster. 2) Keeping voltage from getting too low. This is done by confirming that existing wiring is sized properly to support the wattage draw. On over loaded circuits we can reduce wattage draw by either removing fixtures or simply replacing existing halogen bulbs with either LED bulbs or lower wattage halogen bulbs. 3) Balance the wattage draw on the common terminals of the transformer(s). Improperly balanced circuits on transformer common terminals can cause circuit tripping. Making sure common wires are balanced properly can solve this problem.  The Deluxe lighting service takes roughly the same time as the basic tune-up.

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