FrenchDrainExisting Drainage System Repair & Modifications: Note: (We do not do any drainage work in the Spring or Summer months) Working around drainage systems my whole life I have lost faith in corrugated pipe systems. As you can imagine we occasionally run into corrugated drain pipes when installing sprinklers. What we have found is the ribs in corrugated pipes naturally collect debris and eventually the pipes become clogged solid. Yes they have the advantage of flexibility but setting them in the ground at the proper slope to drain is very difficult. Consequently all of our major repairs are made with either 3 or 4 inch solid wall piping. This pipe is then installed in a pipe filter sock, bedded in washed drain rock with an additional filter between soil and the drain rock. If installed at a minimum of 1/8” to 1/4” slope, solid wall piping self-cleans itself in the same way sewer pipes drain solid wastes. Unlike corrugated piping, solid wall drain pipes seldom clog but if they do clog they have added advantage of easily being cleaned if required by installing clean outs at strategic locations. Small repairs are billed hourly – system modifications can be bid for a set price.

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